Thursday, February 24, 2011

Helen Thomas strikes again!

Helen Thomas, once considered the dean of the White House Press corps, is back at it again. For those of you who may have missed it, she was forced to resign her position after this video appeared last year:

Now she's claiming that Jews had no reason to leave Europe after the war, "because they weren't being persecuted anymore." Right, so I guess the pogroms in Poland that my grandparents barely escaped didn't actually happen? And the Germans didn't continue slaughtering Jews for as long as they could? Unbelievable.

She went off the deep end during George W. Bush's presidency. It's hard to imagine anyone ever took her seriously.


  1. and this is why she should be put in a home...

  2. Well, she was probably tolerated for as long as she was because as we're learning, the media seems to be inclined toward sensationalist/controversial stories and reporting. The other alternative, that the people capable of forcing her to resign didn't want do so until the above video (perhaps because they agree with her opinions) is more disturbing.

  3. its not really the first time someones said something like this and gotten branded an outcast or whatnot so you'd think she would have been more careful with her statements right? I mean just look at Trent Lott. He'd only made a supportive reference to a racist's presidential campaign and was immediately forced from his position as Senate Majority Leader.