Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The importance of New York Times v. Sullivan

Yesterday in class we discussed the case New York Times v. Sullivan and the change it effected in American libel law. Some people were disturbed by how far the case extended, giving the press almost complete freedom to publish anything they want.

Well, this story in today's paper shows why the case is so important. Can you imagine someone in the U.S. suing just because their book got a bad review?


  1. I dont know what the review said, but Ms. Calvo-Goller suing over it seems pretty ridiculous. It is crazy that this guy is going to trial for writing a critical review of a book. She is only damaging her reputation more by this case than by the negative review of her book, as was mentioned in the article by Prof. Brian Leiter. Yesterday, i was wondering if NY times v. Sullivan went too far but now after seeing this, i am thankful for this case. Although it could lead to some bad journalism, the press deserves complete protection of the first amendment.

  2. Check out what this person is suing over...


  3. This is crazy. And the review wasn't even entirely negative. It was described as "sober, technical, and mild." Not only is the author hurting her reputation, but any positive reviews her work may receive might just be influenced by the fear of being sued.

  4. wow. well i suppose "sober technical and mild" criticism is the most hurtful kind but stil everyone wen tout of their way to make this happen. its kinda ridiculous. Professor Weiler refused to remove the review despite the apparent lack of any strong emotional attachment to it. Ms. calvo-Goller is suing over something most people would never know about