Monday, April 4, 2011

Seems like everyone is doing it

Creating a wiki, that is. The gold standard of new media productions is becoming popularized - how often do you hear people say "I'll wiki it"? Well, that may usually mean Wikipedia, but the concept of a wiki is more widespread, as we saw with Wikileaks.

Take the new site Wikicountability (quite a mouthful). The Times reports today about it. The site was created by American Crossroads, the organization run by Karl Rove, to put the spotlight on what they see as the Obama administration's failures. This could be a powerful new tool.


  1. In general I think the concept of Wiki's are great. It allows for a user friendly interface between the vast amount of knowledge out in the world to be conveniently and efficiently transmitted to the user. If the Wikicountablilty is a (legal) means of going through the FOIA documents, then I'm all for it.

  2. Wikis are definitely useful tools. The Wikis for various topics and tv shows are helpful for fans and curious people who want to learn more. Unfortunately, by their very nature Wikis are susceptible to false information. Still, some, such as Wookiepedia (the star wars wiki) are highly accurate, though genereally (and unfortunately) wikis are not accurate enough for official assignments.