Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hillary criticizes American media

Watch here to see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticize American media for being inferior to Al-Jazeera!


  1. Wow! She is so right. If only the media heeds her voice and picks up the slack. However, I'm extremely doubtful that they will. The truth is the media is a business and "real news" doesn't sell as much as advertisements and soft news.

  2. well, we all assume the media should be something thats its not and then based on this assumption we claim its failed, but when did the media agree to take on these responsibilities? Why if these business oriented institutions are not/no longer doing X haven't we established an official, capable and duty bound institution to do so?

  3. Hilary Clinton is lending legitimacy to a news source that is completely biased and unreliable. It is one thing to say that media in the U.S. needs to produce more "real news," and it is another to pronounce Al-Jazeera as superior to the American media.