Monday, March 21, 2011

Some things are good

In our rush to condemn some of the worst trends of the modern-day media, we shouldn't forget that there are still journalists doing incredible work under difficult circumstances. This article in today's New York Times points out how foreign news coverage of the Japanese earthquake, Middle Eastern rebellions, the air war over Libya, and the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia has really been exemplary. Credit where credit is due!


  1. I'm glad to see something more optimistic. While it's important to be critical and cynical when reading or watching the news, i think it's also important to acknowledge a job well done. We focus a great deal on the medias shortcomings and what they fail to do. Once in a while, we should give them some credit and not always be so quick to condemn.

  2. In my journalism class we highlighted how print journalism is able to have such good coverage of the many events going on, but they don't neglect other relevant issues. On cable news it seems to be all Japan and Libya and nothing else.